Saturday, October 2, 2010

Renaissance Festival (Part I)

This is the before-leaving for the Renaissance Festival excitement!!!!!!

I chose a pretty flowery crown this year -- got the business cards in my pocket again (though no one asked LAST year haha!!)

Anyways --- I will update later with photos from (hopefully) and awesome day! We are planning on having Steak on a Stake and maybe some other treats :) 


the morose bee said...

i love ren fest! ohmygosh your items would be the best ren fest accessory because ones they usually sell are so cheesy.

Veronica said...

Ooooh, have fun!! Which faire are you going to? I've been to the Maryland Faire twice already this season!

whichgoose said...

Maryland!!!!! :)

prahlad said...

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Britney said...

Hey! I couldn't find any other way to contact you =P But I just wanted to let you know I saw the etsy site and it's great! I'm not sure if you remember me or if you're a completely different person, but I had a photoshoot way back with Surrendered Souls where I was a mermaid and I modeled for you hair garland made out of seashells. Here are the photos:

Just thought it's be cool to be shown on your site! Let me know! =)


Britney said...

Oh! And also, you can get back to me at either or!/britneyleelachance =)


Christina Allen Page said...

MDRF is the BEST. I've been super busy this season, so I've only been once. Can't wait to get there again.