Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New house, new camera, new boots!

I know you might be expecting some really cool blog entry about my new studio space and the wallpaper and all the new exciting organizational techniques, but, sadly, it's all still in construction.

My poor BF and his dad have been hard at work since (and before) I moved in a few days ago.

It's getting pretty well along though -- all that's left are the closet doors, a new hallway door and trim around the windows.

I'm finding it hard to get all my Etsy work done in this new environment though! In my old apartment, everything had a space, and I knew just where that space was. But now, you'll find my shipping scale in a carton in the corner of my studio room, my scissors somewhere in the kitchen, and a big roll of bubble wrap next to the coffee table.

I'm being patient though, and using this time as a semi-vacation time ... I'm only packing and shipping -- no creating just yet.

It will be SO SWEET when it's all ready though! I think I'll do a video-tour when I've got it all set-up.

In the meantime ...

Aren't the boots awesome! They're from Wal-Mart -- which I guess is bad, but, whatever .. I'm cheap :)

Here's some views of the backyard flowers! My BF has this awesome camera that I plan on using all the time ... thus making it mine (sort of) hehe :)


Veronica said...

Love the boots (hate WalMart...I worked there for 3 years :-/) Haha! Can't wait to see pictures of your new digs!

Meredith said...

who cares if they are wal-mart bought. those boots rock :)
What type of camera are you appropriate from your boyfriend?? I'm shopping for a new one

Ali said...

Love the boots! I recently got a pair like that but in houndstooth. And congrats on your new camera! I am totally camera obsessed :) I recently bought a new one... a Nikon D5000... Best. Camera. Ever. :)

Christina Allen Page said...

Judging from your Etsy, you moved really close to me! I'm in Pikesville, about 20 minutes away, and my husband is from Hampstead. We go back frequently to visit his dad.