Friday, July 2, 2010

Inspiration (part II)

Congrats to our ThePaperButterfly giveaway winner, MissAlyssa!

Thanks so much for entering everyone!! I definitely want to do more giveaways soon, so stay tuned :)


IN OTHER NEWS::::::::::

Look at this. Just look at it. I found it on and just swooned when I saw it!

It made me think about "inspiration," you know. Sometimes, just a color or a pattern or a song can trigger some creative impulse ... but other times, there is an actual physical design or piece that really speaks to you.

I know it would be totally wrong to downright copy something like this ... but it does inspire me to get MORE creative!

What can I do that will take someone's breath away like this did for me?



I will definitely have to photo-document the debauchery.



AlyGatr said...

WOW, that pic would make me swoon too :) If I still had long hair, I'd totally walk around all day with my hair like that...hee hee. Of course, my kids would be de-leafing my head all day long!

chanina said...

That's gorgeous!!!
I can't wait to see your new room, I'm sure it'll be amazing!

Lindsay C said...

That picture is beautiful ! ps. I agree with your above post that there is nothing better then receiving [any] clothing at your front door !