Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life's like this:

Life really is good right now. And I know saying that pretty much guarantees something bad will happen soon. But, whatever. Bring it on! I finally feel at ease with my life ... like I'm not constantly striving for a better job, a better boy, a better car, better clothes ... anything. I am content with myself and my situation .. and that is a FINE feeling :)

I'm all settled in here ... feeling super productive in my cute new studio! And Caesar (my bird) is loving his new perch by the window. He finally has started going up there by himself ... only after I put a mirror up there.

And things with Rich are great ... no annoying habits (that I didn't already know about!) hehehe just kidding bo-bo :) We are having fun making dinners and eating leftovers the next day. And we both love playing the board game, "Careers" --anyone know it? It's the bomb.

OKAY -- all for now :)


Angie D said...

My best friend and I were just talking about this content feeling the other day. It is so nice & relaxed...just enjoying life.


Xena said...

those cherries looks so good.

MissAlyssa said...

love this post!

one of my favorite moments in life is when your doing some random everyday activity and you stop and think to yourself "wow i love my life"

its amazing :)