Wednesday, March 24, 2010

panic at the tag sale




Ok. calm down.


My mom and I stopped by this tag sale place that happens only once a month where I live -- Chartreuse & Co. --- and OHHHHhhh my goodness.

I am in LOVE.

I spent about $100 on random shabby chic cute-ness and think I want to start a booth there. It was in this old barn that is decked out in for-sale decor!

And they even had a little room in the back with a TV for the husbands to sit and wait. heehe


Samantha said...

That looks amazing! Why wasn't I invited? haha :) I also love stores with backrooms for boys, my boyfriends have always appreciated that sort of thing, hehe.


Anonymous said...

mmm, so lovely. We have something similar: here they call it "trade days" and I guess, in the beginning, you traded for whatever you wanted.
I almost lose my marbles everytime I go. So many wonderful things!
Glad you had fun!

AlyGatr said...

I would LOVE a place like that...and I'm pretty sure my husband would ban me from going :) Our house is in "need to decorate" mode right now, so I am constantly distracted by things I think will look good on a wall or in a room!

Ali said...

I am so jealous. Jealous beyond words. I want to go there so bad! That stuff is just so dang cute!