Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My super-cool life.

One of the main things that has shocked me so far about working on Etsy full-time is the amount of time I spend sitting on the couch.

Normally, when working on making goodies, I put on the Harry Potter audio books on my iPod and get into a Hogwarts trance. Good for the creativity.

But lately, I've found myself watching more TV. How horrible is that?

Anyway ... there are some good shows that I've found amongst the rabble of crap.

-- Criminal Minds // The First 48

Basically, the channel A&E just plays these shows continuously for most weekday mornings and afternoons.

-- The Extras

Rich and I recently got this HBO series on DVD. It is GENIUS.

-- The Sopranos

I've been watching this on and off ... never continuously ... so I've never really been ever to follow the plot. But, it's still good as a once-in-a-while watch.

Hopefully now that the weather is getting nicer, I'll be able to get outside more and feed the ducks at the park :)


kim* said...

i'm all for bible studies!

good for the mind, heart, creativity and spirit. my pastor is ron wilkins.

Alina V said...

The thing about tv is that you have to actually find yourself looking at the screen a lot more often- complete distraction.
Love Criminal Minds!

Caitlin said...

We love the First 48~ they play them back to back sometimes so it's easy to get sucked in for a couple of hours!

Ali said...

My favorite show is Glee. I am a dancer, and I love some of the dancing they have on that show!

whichgoose said...

oOh Glee is good! I've only seen it twice, but I think I'll go for the DVDs pretty soon :)

Anonymous said...

I'm obsessed with South Park, Lost, and Fringe right now. Good thing I don't have a tv in my art room or I would get nothing done! lol Oh and by the way, I'm so jealous of your super cool life. :)

Ali said...

Oh I know! Once I get some more money from my Etsy shop, I am buying Glee on DVD! Loveee it! Another great show is Whose Line Is It Anaway... It come on ABC Family at night... SO HILARIOUS!

Anonymous said...

Mad Men is an incredible show. I am completely in love with that decade and the fashion (Jon Hamm's not too shabby on the eyes either). I think you'd appreciate it. If you ever do anything Mad Men-tied in, let me know so I can snatch it up! :)

Christina Allen Page said...

You and I must be TV twins because I'm positively addicted to The First 48.