Sunday, March 28, 2010

How (not) to take a good Etsy photo.

I've often felt like Etsy is more a photography site than anything else. It's so amazing the impact that a good photo vs. a bad photo can have on if an item sells or not.

And it's understandable!

Anytime you're buying something online that you can't physically touch ... feel ... turn over in your hand .... you definitely want to see it represented as truly and accurately as possible.

But dang, it can be frustrating!! (see photo above taken by Richard for details.)

Normally, I take photos in early daylight for the most natural lighting.

If I've got the boyfriend handy and willing to take some shots, we can be a little more open with the lighting. (He has a much nicer camera!)

Anyway, I think the key to a good Etsy photo is going back and editing the heck out of it. I always add a bit of sharpness ... plus lighten them some. But you have to be careful not to make the item look "too good" and different from what it really is!!

Sometimes I wish I could just sell items in a real shop so I wouldn't even have to deal with taking pictures ... but it is good to help tell a story and have the potential buyer picture themselves wearing the item.


jiorji said...

that's so funny you say that! funny and ironic since pictures have to be almost top notch magazine style photos(to look professional to sell your product well) but then REAL photographers are having such a hard time selling their prints on etsy

Caitlin said...

jiorji~ My thoughts exactly! I am a photographer and I have had very few sales so far.

whichgoose~ Obviously you're doing something right with your photos! I see so many on etsy that are terrible, and yours are colourful, consistent and interesting. Keep it up!


whichgoose said...

I know what you mean guys!

I wish the photographic medium got more respect on Etsy. I think people don't realize the connection of a photographic print to an art print.

House of Istria said...

have you lost your blogger images too?? oh nooooo! :( i cant see them :(

ShirazandFrenchBlue said...

Picture taking for my etsy shop is a bit stressful to me, I haven't found the exact formula to getting it just right too close too far, etc, but you are so right the photos so matter, I love yours you do such a great job!

Corrie (of Corrieberry Pie) said...

I know exactly what you mean! And I get so tired of seeing my face over and over again. I just did a blog post yesterday about finding an alternative to being the "model" for all my products!
Yours always look lovely though...hard work pays off! :)