Friday, March 12, 2010

All in the family!!

It's a rare occasion when the whole family is together in one place because my sister and her sweet little girl, Ella (my niece!) live in Seattle. (boo)

But we've been having a nice little visit with our parents in West Virginia --- going to Chuck E. Cheeses (sp?), watching "Dora the Explorer" and "The Wiggles" and even playing dress-up with whichgoose crowns!

Ella was not really into it ... we kind of had to bribe her into wearing them ... but the results were great!!

Also, poor little Lucy the dog got sucked in, too :)


Basht said...

wow, she is so adorable with that crown!

Mon Alisa Design said...

What a cutie-pa-tootie!

Jo said...

Oh wow!! What cuties you have there modelling your fabulous creations!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Video

I posted it on my blog!!!

Did you make the wedding dress on the video, too???

Your bridal items are beautiful!