Saturday, January 16, 2010

Into the woods

Besides vines and acorns and other random sticks, feathers and stones that I USUALLY collect on a regular basis, I always seem to come out of the woods with "something." I started to notice this the other day when cleaning out my car. I think it's starting to verge on a bit of a hoarding/obsession thing (??)

Anywho. THE POINT.

I've had this book about terrariums for a long time now, and always see them on Etsy in cute little vessels. SO. Today in the woods I decided to let the wood oblige me with a bit of moss. Not a true terrarium, I know. But I thought it would make a good little experiment before I go "whole hog" for a real one.

In other news, Rich came over today (Saturday) and it was SO WEIRD!!! The whole day, I kept thinking it was SUNDAY! (the day we used to see each other). Even though I no longer work, we still probably won't see each other a whole lot more .... he still works a regular job and we still live an hour away. BUT I'm going to go to his place on Friday! So that is cool. SO much easier ... so less stressful.

AH! I know I will probably keep saying this for a long time ... but ... why didn't I do this sooner!?!?!? I know some kind of stress/money issue will come up eventually ... but I'm seriously not concerned too much about it. I know I will be "OK" and happy.

Ah, happy. :)


Dawn Trest said...

this all sounds amazing...I am hoping in the fall I will be free of my day job too! Good luck with all the new things going on!

melee said...

You can make moss milkshakes! If you mix moss with some other stuff (there's a recipe) and pour it over anything, moss will grow! You can do designs...or words....pretty nifty.

emma wallace said...

Love the tree treasures!

And... A. I just found your blog via Etsy - your site is the most magical I think of all the shops on Etsy. Now a follower!

B. I quit my day job about two and a half years ago and, though I every so often bemoan the money thing, my life is so so much more blissful and artistically fulfilled. So congratulations! You will be so glad you did this.

Laura said...

Good on you for quitting your day job. I hope everything really goes well for you. I've been a lurker forever, but I really felt like i needed to comment. So happy for you.

Rebekah said...

I don't think you'll be having any money problems with your shops on etsy! :) I hope you make another midnight festival hat!