Monday, January 4, 2010



Congratulations to: Rockstar Mommy!!

Send me an e-mail at with your address and I'll ship it right along!!

Thanks to everyone who entered :) Don't you LOVE giveaways? Me too.

I think I've decided on "Two thousand-ten" for the time being. There's nothing stopping me from switching half way through the year ... just for kicks :)

Been on a bit of a boutonniere kick lately. Here's a preview of what's to come for the groom types out there who are lucky enough to have a stylish bride-to-be looking out for them.

I might have to convince Rich to let me take pictures of him modeling them with his new suit on! I dunno. I think he might think a couple are "too girly" ... but whatever. That is what bribery was invented for!


chanina said...

Oh my those are all wonderful!
I think my favorite is the second to the right bottom. but I'm not sure all the bribing in the world will ever get him to wear a pink flower!
Maybe the top most right is a better choice for my guy! :)

Rockstar Mommy said...

YAY!! Thanks so much!!

zuemy said...

love it love it,very unique!

whichgoose said...

haha maybe I'll call them "unisex" :)

Anonymous said...

These are lovely :)