Friday, January 15, 2010

An assessment of local Internet joints

In an effort to not be distracted by the soft glow of my television, I've decided I'll do some "work" everyday at an Internet cafe-type place. So, the past two days have been a little social experiment of sorts for me!

The definite loser is the Starbucks in downtown ..... it's in an old rowhouse-type place, which is cool, but it's so long and narrow and brick that every sound seems magnified. PLUS there were these two girls sitting across from me that were SO LOUD. ugh. So, that place is out of the running.

Here I am looking mad while sipping my latte ....

Yesterday though, I went to the Borders cafe and had a pretty good experience. Lots of room, comfy chairs and windows. Only a couple weirdo types. But hey, so far, it's the winner by far.

There is another Starbucks in the area ... but it's always frequented by the teeny-bopper community ... so I think I'll still with Borders for the time-being.

OH. And the weather was SO NICE today! Like mid-50's! I felt so happy and SO lucky to be able to walk around the streets and enjoy it while others were stuck in an office.

Why didn't I do this sooner!?!?!


stephanie said...

You would think by the look of downtown Frederick that there would be more cafe-type places...not so much. Summer would be much easier there. Lovely down there then. <3 Last time I visited I found that bridge and waterway...and it was some street festival, super busy. Had no idea that bridge was there. Is that new?

Jessica (JMG Jewelry Design) said...
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Jessica (JMG Jewelry Design) said...

It is so nice to get re-aquainted with LIFE post-office job. My old "day job" quit me (instead of it being the other way around) due to budget cuts, but it was definitely the best thing to happen to me and my business and I've never looked back. I'm sure you're going to love finding a new routine!

Kristin @ The Treasured Petal said...

i wish you had a peet's coffee or it's a grind where you are from! those are my go-to places to get work done. reminds me of being in college and studying at coffee shops. very fun!