Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My working life is officially over for now. Long story short -- they basically told me I didn't need to come in anymore and they would pay me through the week. FINE-O.

So, yesterday I had my first official day of FREEDOM!!!!

I felt the need to do a little Etsy .. so I listed some newbies. But then ... I went out.

I drove around looking for something to do and saw the tattoo parlor -- so I got a tattoo! I was originally planning on setting up an appointment for this bigger piece I want to get, but I also said I wanted to get a smaller one, too. So, we went ahead and did the smaller one!

It's a little hello kitty head on my back/hip. (don't laugh!!) It's totally cute. The tattoo guy said "Kitty what?" when I asked if he was familiar with hello kitty. hehehee

Anyways, today I'm trying to get sort of organized and into the swing of things .. plus beefing up my vintage shop! Eee!

ALSO- bought a book!! I went to the bookstore with some of your all's suggestions .. but saw "The Swan Thieves" by Elizabeth Kostova when I first walked in and HAD to get it!

She also wrote "The Historian" which I looooovvveed. So, I figured this was a pretty safe bet.

Phew!!! OK. Back to business. :)


Hanako66 said...


Princess Caitlin said...

YAAAY!! for you. :)

Mary Rogers said...

congrats Emily! Enjoy!
Also, no kidding did you list some new items! Ahh *swoon* you're killing me over here ;-)

steph@alittlebirdieweds said...

Show pictures of your tattoo! I got one myself yesterday! It's a Marilyn Monroe portrait. Fun eh?

Amber said...

Congrats on being a free woman! Can't wait to see what new things pop up in your Etsy store. And make sure you post a picture of the infamous kitty!

shopPOPKO said...

way to go! must feel great. you make me want to appreciate my "free" time all over again! i, too, make things (jewelry) full time from home. its awesome, but sometimes I forget that what ive created IS pretty wonderful. i need to start re-appreciating my time!

melee said...

I love The Historian! I'll remember the swan thief when I have the time.

Katja said...

Congrats! Hope, I will feel the same in a few month... :-)