Saturday, December 19, 2009

Style icon: Meg Ryan

I happened upon "Sleepless in Seattle" on TV this afternoon before I had to trudge through the snow into work. (16" around here today!!!)

Why did I never notice before!! Meg Ryan's hair in that movie is to-die-for!!

This is what I'm going for with my hair grow-out attempt: Loose, long layers with messy updos. She has this great effortless look in the movie ... like she's never touched a bottle of hairspray :)

I tried to find a clean shot of the back of her hair on the Interwebs ... but no luck.

I recommend you Netflix it if you haven't seen it in a while... definitely worth another look! She also has this super-cute shabby chic kitchen in it, too!!!

Oh -- and another, more recent one ....

Hmmm.... I'm feeling the pull of the scissors!!!! AHHH!!!

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