Tuesday, December 15, 2009

bbuuuuuuhhhh ......

I've been sick.


It started with these weird bumps on my neck ... and I thought "that can't be good." And it wasn't. Had a KILLER sinus infection and couldn't even do Etsy!!!

It was a good thing I had some time off work anyway, but it sucked that all I could do with my time off was sit on the couch and watch movies. Normally, this is my ideal activity ... but when you're sick ... nothing is fun.

My bird, Caesar, was my only entertainment when there was nothing to watch on TV and I was out of good movies. Here he is giving some love to his mirror. Such a narcissistic bird.

I'm just about at 100% now ... got some sweet antibiotics (just in time to go back to work.) SIGH. Ah well. I am thankful that I can taste food and breath through my nose again :)

OOOHHH. I want to make a new video but and out of ideas.....Any suggestions for some sort of tutorial video???


zuemy said...

sorry! stinks to be sick :(

Cameron said...

I would LOVE a tutorial where you show how to put longer hair up (and top if off with one of your combs or goodies of course), but not sure if you'd have a friend willing to model while you style... I tried to do what you did to your hair in one of your current tutorials and miserably failed, I think because my hair is longer (about halfway down my upper arms).

Glad you're feeling better!

Majiyagbe Oluwasegun said...

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