Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beginning to look a lot like you know what.

(I just thought this was cute. It has no relation to the rest of this post ... except that maybe I want a kitten for Christmas!)


Well, It's officially the Christmas buying season. Again. I know I say this every year now, but (SERIOUSLY) didn't Christmas JUST happen? 

I've gotten organized, bought some stuff ... but I still have a lot more to find. 

And by find, I mean THINK OF! Why is this always such a problem for me?

You get the entire year to think of a great present for someone, and then you leave it up to the last 15 days to find it. RIDICULOUS. 

Whatever. Gift cards all around.

But really, I've been trying to buy exclusively on Etsy and local shops in the downtown area here. I'm pretty lucky since there are a lot of super cute boutiques and specialty stores. I know a lot of places only have a Wal-Mart and a mall. 

It just seems so much more special to get something that isn't mass-produced. Or, then again, maybe it is mass-produced, but it's just really marked up in the boutique store. Oh well. Buying local and supporting local business owners is almost like donating to charity. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside like you're doing something nice for your fellow human being. :)

Here is something that always gets me in a Christmasy mood. It's an old Disney cartoon about the night before Xmas and the toys come alive and all that. Classic!


melis731 said...

I saw on Etsy that you're from Frederick. I live in Columbia, MD. Can you recommend some cute local boutiques with handmade goods??

whichgoose said...

OOOOhhh yes!!

The Muse is my favorite --- It's mostly local handmade goods!

Plus, there are tons of great antique/vintage shops in the downtown area. There's one called "Venus on the Half-shell" that I love.

melis731 said...

Thank you! Google maps says The Muse is only about 45 minutes from my house! I'll check it out.
Thanks again :)