Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The road less traveled

I know I sometimes randomly blog about movies --usually romantic ones, or dramas --- but this one has NO relation whatsoever to Etsy or crowns, or anything whimsical and pretty. In any way. AT ALL. haha. But, whatever, I liked it!

"The Road" by Cormac McCarthy (the same guy who wrote "No Country for Old Men" ) is a chilling and enthralling read. To be sure. 

If was the first subject that me and my now-boyfriend talked about when we were in that "awkward talking stage." We had both just finished it and had heared they were making a movie with Viggo Mortensen (sp?)---(that dude from "Lord of the Rings.")

Anyway, over a year later --- it finally came out! But only in limited release.

We saw it last weekend at this indie movie theater in Baltimore. 

It was SO GOOD. I am usually not a fan of book-to-movie translations ... but this one was superb. 

If you live somewhere where it's playing -- definitely go for it. I think it *may* be coming out it wide release soon, but, who knows.

It's not a particularly happy or up-lifting flick ... but even amidst the end of society, you find bits of humanity that remain. 

I can't really talk about much without giving away crucial plot points .. but basically, there's been some kind of catastrophic nuclear event, and a young boy is born just as all this is going down.

After about a decade of enduring this harsh life, the father and son decide to head South (where it would be warmer.)

They follow the road.

Where does it lead? Read (or watch) to find out!!!

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anne said...

ooh, looks good! i love viggo!!! i'll definitely check this out :)