Friday, November 6, 2009

Write it down. Cross it out.

It's one of those times in my life where I start feeling overwhelmed, and therefore, I make lists. Actually, Etsy tends to slow down this time of year (people seem to not want hair crowns in the winter ??? crazy! I know!)  But my life seems to jump into turbo speed around the holidays. 

There is a mindset that the more I can cram into one day, the easier the rest of the days following will be. This never seems to pan out though because more stuff just piles up!

I was in the shower last night going over what I needed to do...trying to make up a song so that I would remember it all for once I'd dried off and found a pen.

It helps to see it all on paper I think .... and the best part of all .... getting to scratch each line off as I do it! :)

I will at least be able to scratch off "BLOG" from this list now. YES!

P.S. My sale's still going on!! Buy one, get one half off in the shop! Plus, I've added more goodies!! whichgoose

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BugsandFishes said...

I know what you mean about all those lists. My To Do list rules my life at this time of year.

Btw, have you ever thought about making festive wreaths? I think they could be gorgeous & would give you a "winter" product range :)