Monday, November 2, 2009

New project!!!

I've always been really interested in clothing design, etc.

But I really can't work a sewing machine to save my life. (I've tried. Believe me.) But that thread and bobbin .... it just really makes me angry quickly.

SO, I've started on a couple new "HAND-SEWING" projects!! I love the control and even the tedious-ness of it all. Plus, I think they end up looking really interesting, very old-world-style maybe?

The first project was this vintage doily "bralette" or crop-top. Not sure what to call it exactly. It's fun though! I love the movement it has.

It was just a bit embarrassing taking pictures while Rich's neighbors were lurking about! haha. Whatever, I have no qualms when it comes to ETSY! :) hehe

What do you think??


Brigita said...

Lovely! You're very patient to sew that by hand! lol.

I just posted a tutorial how to make a scarf - sewing-free. Check it out if you like:

chanina said...

Very cute, I like the "vintage-y" look to it!

Hanako66 said...

wow, what a great job you did for an early project!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

What an adorable top, great work! I am a "by hand" seamstress as well. It really does add some extra personality to every piece you create, which perfect machine stitching just can't match.

Amber said...

You made that top?!?! I adore it! And I agree that hand sewing is wonderful, it's very earthy and calming. Plus there's nothing more gratifying than finishing something that made your fingers bleed several times. I think you're headed in a great direction and I didn't know you were so tattooed up.

Susan said...

I wish I had those skills!