Saturday, November 7, 2009

Black and white and read all over.

I realized this afternoon that I've never really blogged about what I do (in my real life.)

I know you would imagine that I live in a happy little fairy cave where I whip up cute hair clips at my leisure. But, sadly, no.

I've got a day job (that's really a night job) where I work as a graphic designer at a newspaper! Sounds glamourous, but it's rough. Deadlines and breaking news.... you know.

Anyway, here's what I normally do (LINK) My usual daily duty is designing/laying out the front page. It's tough! Sometimes things don't happen until late and I have to start the dang thing all over again! craaa-zee.

But this I'm really proud of:

It's a special 12-page section I've been working on for about 2 weeks.It's about MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving.) This is the front of it.

The crash that started the whole organization (with the little girl) was in the town where I work. So they've got interviews with the mom and the driver. Compelling stuff! So... if you live in the area, pick one up tomorrow and support the dying newspaper industry!!


Tiffany said...

That's very cool :) I really did think you spent your days making the lovely hairpieces.

whichgoose said...

Someday .... :)

Alycia Castillo Photography said...

That looks really neat. Great job!

Susan said...

You are an awesome page designer!

whichgoose said...

thanks mommy :)