Saturday, November 21, 2009

Whatever you want to call them ... heroes, idols, inspirations .... everyone has people they look up to. I was thinking about originality the other day (mostly, the current issue I'm dealing with of copycat/haters) and I was realizing that someone emulating me or my style really is a high honor.

(If only they weren't stealing my dreams and my income.)

Anyway, trying to keep things on the sunny side.

Here are the people I've looked up to and how they have changed over my life.

FAMILY: My mom and dad and big sister (obviously!) They are the people who taught me how to be myself, how to care for people and what It means to love. I remember putting on my mom's make-up when I was little...making a mess. And always wanting to do ANYTHING my sister was doing. And thinking my dad was the smartest person in the world when he made up bedtime stories to tell me.

PUNKY BREWSTER: I think every little girl my age wanted to by Punky at one time. She was just SO COOL and so far beyond her time. And my goodness...that vest and those bandanas around her knees!!

ANI DIFRANCO: Ani represents the first "breakaway" for me from only wanting to listen to the same type of music as my sister through my middle/highschool years. I thought she was so beyond amazing ... and her lyrics first made me want to be a writer. Sidenote: I used to have a nosering because of her!

WALT WHITMAN: Oh, my idealistic and poetic college years. I was an English/Poetry major and thought life was nothing but a collection of stanzas. I read "Leaves of Grass" cover to cover ... mumbling the words out loud like I was in some kind of trance.

MARTHA STEWART: Snapped back to reality after school...working retail ... but starting to get more in tune with my creative/artistic self. Martha represents the full spectrum of togetherness/ success (minus the whole prison thing) and sophistication. I remember thinking 'why can't I do something like that?'

EMILY MARTIN: (the Etsy seller "TheBlackApple.") I chose her to represent "THE ETSY SELLER" ideal for me. I remember when Lauren first sent me a link to etsy and wrote, "Possibly the coolest thing ever."

Whoah. was she right or what. I remember looking at TheBlackApple and just being blown away that people were buying these things this girl, just like me, had made.

I remember staying up late that night and sketching out drawings, ideas for shops, possible names and just feeling this tremendous sense of possibility and destiny.

I like to think that there is much more ahead. Where I am now is just the adolescence of my business and artistic journey. Maybe I will be someone's "Martha Stewart" someday.

But if I'm only ever Emily, that will be just fine with me.


Basht said...

it's hard not to lok up to martha, the woman can do everything!

Susan said...

Eagerly awaiting the next major influence!!

Corrie(berry Pie) said...

LOVE this post. I have to readjust my mindset towards "copycats/haters" almost every day! Thanks for this, and for reminding me of my love for Ani Difranco! (She got me through my last few months of pregnancy years ago).
And side note...I admire your work, your boldness, and your creativity. Keep it up!

zuemy said...

emily,thank you so much for this post! im new on etsy so u know how sometimes a new seller feels like is no gonna work so when i read this post it gave me hope that one day i can be emily and write something like this when my shop gets alot of succes like yours!
im a new bloguer so ,i just add you to be your follower :)

Chiyi said...

I just wanted to say, since my first few months of Etsy. You've been the seller that I've always aspired to be =) With the beautiful photos, the bubbly personality, and the most creative, unique combs, crowns, etc...that have all led to your success and mini-celebrity status on Etsy.

You're like my Martha Stewart and I hope I can be as great as you someday =)

Just wanted to let you know ^^;

Iris said...

I think your handling your copycat very gracefully. Just continue to be who your are.

Ali said...

I so agree with you on Martha! Except for the fact she went to prison, I totally want to be like her one day!!! And I think you could be a role model too. Your work is so amazing, and you could be a really great role model to someone! :)