Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day! (or not)

This is such a weird day for everyone. It's all about comparisons. 

If you're single, you compare yourself with someone who has a partner. If you've got a partner, you compare yourself with someone who's engaged. If you're engaged, you compare yourself with someone who's married. If you're married, you compare yourself with someone with kids.

It goes on and on.....

But, regardless, I hope everyone is has a day full of love--- whether it be from from friends, family, or total strangers ---I hope you feel it some today :)

My sweetie was WAITING FOR ME in the parking lot at my work last night!!!!! He had a box of roses (see picture) and a card with Hello Kitty on it and a nice long note :)

What a sneakie!

It was sweet though. The poor guy had to wait for over an hour because the paper was late due to the stimulus bill passing. Hheeehe. 

Well, I am off  to compare my roses with all the other gals at work! (kidding!)


Susan said...

Awwwww! Very nice of him! And your card (which arrived today) was soooo nice...we're both sick. Hope the REAL day is just as good for you...

Amber said...

Your roses look superb! I'm glad you have such a nice boyfriend! And I love the vase/pitcher you have the flowers in.

She Can't Decide said...

oOoo How Sweet! Happy Valentine's Day!


Elly said...

You're totally right about the comparisons, and it's odd that we don't compare ourselves backwards (ie, the couple with the singleton, the engagee with the couple etc). I wonder why that is?

And aww, your boy is so sweet! :)