Friday, February 13, 2009

A change in the weather

This is the first crown I (EVER EVER) made! Isn't it cute? I think I need to revive the simplistic style. I tend to get excited about the decoration process...but the really basic looks classic I think. 

Look how short my hair was!!! 

SO much has happened since then. New city, new apartment, new man...

I was just thinking a few days ago about how the weather sometimes follows your life.

Last week it was icy and cold here -- covered in a layer of crusty salt. 

I remember thinking how it never would be clean and dry again. But, lo and behold: It rained 2 days ago and yesterday was super windy!

It's funny like that. Just when you think everything is lost, it can all come back and be made right again. 

I am holding the hope of good weather for my life.  :)


Courtney said...

what a sweet post....and I love the pixie cut!

Sara Jean said...

i agree- very sweet post :)

Danette said...

wow that crown is really beautiful in all of it's simplicity.

you too.