Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cheering up on a chilly day!

Here is a picture of my orchid (now in FULL bloom!) and a new outfit that I love to cheer you folks up on a winter day!

I tried to find some statistics about how February is a depressing month, but no luck.

Here's hoping the weather doesn't get you down, and that you live in a more hospitable climate :)

Here is why my day will be good (or at least okay).

1.) Starbucks
2.) Bought some new hummus for lunch/snacking at work
3.) Got lots to list on Etsy
4.) The sun is out (though it is cold)


Courtney said...

mmmmhhhh....hummus, SO tasty!

I dream of spring daily...

Elly said...

That orchid is so very pretty!!

EvaForeva said...

I love hummus. Off to the store to get one and eat it for lunch with my leftover bagel from breakfast. Your outfit is so cute. I wouldn't be able to pull it off :)