Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i'm on a movie kick... can you tell?

Backstory: I worked at a Borders bookstore for a couple years a couple years ago. During that entire time, this book (The Kiterunner) was on the top-sellers shelf. The whole time. Did I read it? Of course not. I hate bestsellers (unless it's Harry Potter-related...or Twilight...ok. I lie...)

ANYWAYS. I decided to Netflix the movie and I watched it Monday night when I was sitting home alone and crafting. Bad idea! It was SO GOOD....but sad. Oh my goodness. And definitely disturbing.

I was seriously blubbering with tears at the end...when he's running with the kite for the kid! AH.

So- have you read the book and/or seen the movie? I imagine the book is ruined for me now. 

I recommend the movie, nevertheless :)

p.s. Look at some of my NEW LISTINGS----you can totally see GRAY HAIRS!!!! ahh!! :O

Oh, and I spent some time with the fella this weekend, too :) I guess I can share his name. Have I not yet? It's Rich. And I still don't think he reads this. I hope not!! 

We took some photos with our sweet cameras. I forget what his is called, but it was definitely more technical than mine. 

I was not supposed to show the pictures of him to anyone because he didn't shave and he says he looks like "a dirty hippie" :) I guess I better not. (Aren't I such a good girlfriend!!) ha! Maybe tomorrow....

But, here's a consolation prize:  A picture of me that Rich took! I actually like it. It looks like how I feel. Usually I think I don't look like myself in pictures. I think he captured the real me :) (in more ways than one...sigh....) :)


Courtney said...

I have read the book and therefore found it IMPOSSIBLE to watch the movie. I cried and cried and cried when reading the book....it's AMAZING (but I agree, disturbing).
Have a great day!

Amber said...

No worries about the grey hair! The kids I watch at daycare insisted my hair was grey when my blonde roots started growing back in!

Mayhem said...

I haven't read the book, but watched the movie, which I cried from as well. I cry at everything, so I never know if it's just me. lol

Happy Wednesday!

trishiekoh said...

I read the book...it made me sooo sad. It's very well written though, and I think I might just watch the movie sometime soon.

mama brey said...

Ms. GOose,
I read the book, and while i did not cry, i found it riveting.

-MAMA Brey

paintedskywoman said...

You sound so happy and peaceful.

jillianleigh said...

so i know this post was forever ago, but, you might see this comment anyway. i read the book. much like you i don't always like reading what everyone else is on the bestsellers list, but then do, so i did. it was incredible sad, but very well written and impacting. i netflixed the movie, made it 45 minutes and turned it off. the book was a trillion times better.

read the time traveler's wife. it's amazing.