Saturday, December 20, 2008

All I want for Christmas

(Disclaimer: I do not actually expect any of these items from friends or family---simply wishful thinking!)

This dress from Anthropologie: It is my favorite. Ever!

— This is a close second:

— An unlimited supply of vines to make my crowns. I went to my "source" today and almost peed my pants when a deer jumped out of the woods. I hear they can attack people--so I booked it out of there. It was totally cold and muddy, too.

— Speaking of which---an unlimited supply of shipping boxes and bubble wrap.

— A new job.....

— A way to make the hour-long drive to Rich's house in less time.

— My sister (and her family) to move to the East Coast so we can all be together more often.

— For the mouse that is living in my apartment to peacefully leave on his own--and to stop biting little holes in my cardboard boxed food stuffs. (I don't want to get a trap!!)

— A Lotus Elise for my dad.

— A cool greenhouse for my mom.

— An iMac for myself.

— This virtue tea set:

— AND last but not least----this monkey:


mary jane said...

that dress is amazing! i could see you in it!

normally deer tend to more scared of people and usually do not attack. we have them in our yard all the time. it the deer ticks you should keep an eye out for (nasty lymes disease)

the usps gives you free priority boxes, you can order them online and they deliver them to your house for free! you can use the priorty mail softy envelopes for packing...

merry christmas! hope its great...

paintedskywoman said...

Merry Christmas!

P.S. there is never just one mouse. They never travel alone. Just thought you should know and be aware of that fact.

I hate killing the little guys, they can really be destructive. You might not want to keep it around. The droppings (poops) can carry some pretty nasty diseases. Look it up on the internet.