Monday, December 22, 2008

Come, look in my fridge!

I made fudge!! Mmmmm....

One tray is for me and Rich.

One is for Rich's family.

One is for my family (of which I, again, will mostly eat)

One is for work peeps.


Some funny things to note in my fridge: Instant bacon; can of icing; sushi! Can you find them all? If you can learn a lot about someone by looking in their refrigerator, mine must show how utterly unstable I am! HA. 

Oh--and here is my Christmas present to myself: 2 ANTHROPOLOGIE sweaters!! ooohhh!!!
They were on sale :)

And here's my dress for my fancy dinner date with Rich! He made reservations at the place and the dude said "Gentlemen are required to wear jackets." hhahahahah we will be so out of place!

Only 2 more days of work! yay!


Mayhem said...

Lovely new clothes! especially the dress ♥

I've never been to "one of those restaurants" Have Fun!

mama brey said...

cute sweaters!!!