Monday, December 1, 2008

crowns in real life!

My goodness!! This lovely girl Yuli sent me a link to pictures of her wedding where she was wearing one of my crowns!!! GASP!!

The photos are absolutely amazing--definitely worth a click.

And check this out!! My super cool friend Beth sent me a picture of her and her boy, Carl, hanging out at the Renaissance Festival with (what else) one of my crowns!! Aren't they so cute?

 If you have any pictures of you + your crown, send em up! I would love to see them and put em in my blog (if you want! :) )


Minx's Den said...

Hey there! Thought I'd say hi, I read your past blog about going thru your sold items, I think it's always good to see what you have created and then revamp you ideas to make new ones...that's what I did with my bird shadow boxes...


paintedskywoman said...

Your crown looked terrific and that wedding looked so awesome.