Friday, October 3, 2008

Okay--back to my life.

WHEW! wow. I have not been sick in so long --- I totally forgot how bad it sucks! And I think it was a bit worse since I was "on my own" for the first time. I had no one to complain to when I couldn't breathe out my nose and my mouth got dry!! (don't you hate that?)

But, I'm just about all better now, thanks to our friends DayQuil and Sudafed. :) I'm a little worried though, because as I'm typing this, I'm eating an old piece of pizza that MAY or MAY NOT have turned bad. So, maybe I'll be sick all again tomorrow!! ha!


I felt so old. I was totally bummed out. But it was a really nice day and a fun visit with the family!!

Here is sweet little Ella. She finally started to warm up to me a bit after we shared Cheerios, and I played with her in the bath (sink) and playing peek-a-boo. I love her!! And I hope she remembers who the heck I am :) 

Here is my big sis (momma) Amanda! (Do you mind me putting your pics on here??? hahah too late!!) 

She is sitting with Lucy, my parent's little dog. Lucy thinks she should always be the center of attention, so everyone oo-ing and ah-ing over the baby was torture for the poor pooch!!

Poor Etsy is suffering, too! I need to get to work on Christmas stuff. Do you think people will actually wear a Christmas/holiday crown?? I'm thinking I would for a party or New Years maybe....

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senacia said...

you know what's even worse than being sick alone?

being sick with someone who doesn't help out or care at all that you're sick. :(

I would definitely wear a crown for new years.. if I have a cool new job that will allow me to wear one, I will buy one from you!