Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Guess what you guys?? My mom, who runs A Better Time on Etsy, just opened a new PLANT SHOP! It's called A Better Place. She sells seeds and goodies for all you gardeners out there :) She is the best grower I know, and a wealth of information!

OH--and p.s. She is recovering from surgery right now, so it would be SOOOO SWEET if everyone left her a message on her etsy shop to get well soon! :) I know she would love it!! And, you could probably buy something, too! :) heheheee

OK--so, Halloween.

Here's my pumpkin, first off. I think I may have gotten it a bit too early this year. It's starting to feel a lot less "firm...." So I may not carve it. It's too pretty, anyways!

And for costumes, I think I am settled on Amy Winehouse. I am going to have to get a beehive wig still...and lots of eyeliner...and draw tattoos all over my arms! :)

I am going to a party after work Friday--so I can't get into too much trouble after 11 p.m. haha

And--top secret--there is a boy in my life!! SHHH!! I hope he doesn't read this....but he makes me smile :)


DeniseMichelle said...

They do make temporary tattoo inkjet paper too- I can't think of brands off hand, but our local Kmart carries it near the inkjet t-shirt transfer paper.

Stephanie Holmes said...

haha, best costume EVER! I'm so jealous I didn't think of it first.

and as for the boy -- how cute is that! haha, how do I go about getting my hands on one of those ;)

Virginia Rose Kane said...

Bravo on the costume and the boy. I sent a nice convo to your mum. Cheers!

Jane said...

Beehives are so cool, great idea for Halloween, Amy scares the c*#% out of me!
Great singer though.