Monday, October 27, 2008


Ok---so now I REALLY hope he doesn't read this!!!!! (you know who you are--stop reading NOW! :) hehe)

Anyways, I got FLOWERS!! WHAaattt?? How sweet is that?! I don't think I've ever gotten flowers aside from a birthday/anniversary/v-day event. And we watched "Goodwill Hunting" and we scavenged food from around town to eat here (sushi, burger, chicken pasta.) Just thought I would share!!

So, today I am all about etsy. Listing, crafting, etc. Plus, I got a pumpkin spice latte from the evil Starbucks today. It was just so good though.  

 Here's my favorite creation for the day. Not sure what to name it yet. It's kind of got an Asian vibe... hmmm.

OH! I got a great new album today, too. Ani DiFranco "Canon"--It's a 2-disc set, and it pretty much has all her hits, plus a few re-mixes, etc. Highly recommend it if you're an Ani fan.

Alright, I'm going to get some Panera for dinner and list more STUFF. :)


mary jane said...

good will hunting is great movie....

and i love ani... she rocks!

glad you had fun!


senacia said...

I LOVE ani!! wowwee! and good will hunting is a fabulous flick!

hrmm.. maybe americans and canadians arent so different after all!


watch out for that boy though.. he may be trying to "woo" you.

oh wait, that's the good part. :) *snicker*

(yep, dont mind me.. im a bit crazy tonight!)

paintedskywoman said...

You exude happiness! I smiled just reading your post.

tangarang said...

ah, young love...well good on ya! Gorgeous stuff, gorgeous you and hopefully gorgeous him too! Ahh, I remember dating...hold off on the marriage part for as long as you can and keep those flowers and vines coming!

galejade said...

Oh, your happiness brightened my day !
You made me feel like I'm fourteen again, talking with friends about boys all night long ;)