Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mr. Moth

Here is my new friend, Mr. Moth. He was stuck in my screen a few mornings ago. I snapped his picture (just because he was so pretty!) and then helped him on his way.

Anyone know what kind it is? He's pretty big. 

I thought it was cool though, because I had just made this crown!!!

Freaky....Maybe he thought he saw one of his friends!

Oh, and I had my cavity filled this morning. The right side of my face is still all droopy and tingling. I ate chicken tenders just now and sort of made a mess of it :) SO glad it's over. Work will seem a lot less stressful in comparison tonight!


Brittany Noel said...

There's been a HUGE praying mantis hanging around outside my door lately. He's pretty cool. Sometimes he flies. They're crazy when they fly!

I don't know what kind of moth your buddy is. There are so many... He's definitely pretty though.

senacia said...

not a clue on your moth buddy..


last time I had a filling done (last year and yes, on the right side as well!) I didnt get ANY freezing!! The dentist was so very gentle that there was just a moment of pain amongst the whole vibrating drilling.. and it was a pretty big cavity too! (note to self: visit dentist more regularly..)

Beautiful crown you've made! My daughter would LOVE it!

jess said...

That crown is beautiful

Mayhem said...

I may have a picture of me holding a moth like that one...I don't know what kind it is either :(

Your crown is gorgeous! I love it!

Outsider said...

Your work is always amazing and inspiring! I went to your shop once in a while and it always suprise me, specfically the first time I've visited the store! haha! :D

Erian_niiv said...

I like your work so much!
i see your etsy every day!