Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Up in the air!

Travel notes:

-- Why does the word "Terminal" appear everywhere at the airport? Not cool.

-- Never again eat Chipotle before cross-country flight.

-- Guy behind me tapping my seat needs to die. Firey death.

-- Sky Mall magazine will have a new home at my toilet for hours and HOURS of entertainment.

Up... Up.. and AWAY!

Martha Stewart Weddings magazine for a bit of research (for the shop...not life....) And a Jack and Coke! (The first of two.)

Here's Mom and that guy next to us that was eating a HUGE stinky sandwich!!!

We made it to Seattle safe and sound and I'm wigging out about the time change. Stay tuned for more travel adventures! :)


jiorji said...

ugh!! i hate window seats that are right on the wing. Like gee thanks a lot for that window seat! not that it matters cos i can't see anything anyways!

i laughed at the firey death re: the seat pusher guy. lol

Lila-Jo said...

You crack me up! Hope you have fun visiting your sister! Sky Mall should enjoy your awesome plug hahahah.

the morose bee said...

anything is better than a screaming baby. especially when the mom makes it stay in the seat for the full 3 hours and doesn't pick him/her up to walk around or be cuddled and comforted. oh yessss.

glad to see you made it out alive.

Anonymous said...

Yay! You made it safe and sound! And with only two jack and cokes....impressive :)
Also: I'm gonna have to say that if you HAD to sit in a window seat (and who would want to?!), the one by the wing is so perfect because it gives the illusion of something hard and tangible and solid for you to cling to should the need arise. You know, instead of nothing.
I share you fear of flying, can you tell?

Anonymous said...

hahaha! And then this afternoon I found this!


YAY! So glad you are here sister! :)

love ya!

Rebekka said...

Yay Seattle! You have to check out the Fremont Sunday Market if you can - it's the best craft/flea/vintage market in the city, imo :)