Sunday, June 6, 2010

HONK!!!!!! I'm a goose.

(My sister Amanda hangs out by our basket waiting for the next change-out)

This is life at the bins.

It is war.
War is hell.
Hell is an allergy attack!

But otherwise, the bins are AWESOME!!!

Basically, this is how it goes:

A huge warehouse is full of rows and rows of big blue bins that are full of things like clothes, shoes, accessories and housewares.

Every 15 minutes, a group of workers roll a row of bins away and bring out NEW BINS.

Now, you can't just walk right up and start routing through ... you have to line up and WAIT until they give you the signal ... then BAM!!!!


(Mom is on the hunt.)

Then you basically fill up your huge cart with everything you can get your hands on, and pay by the pound!!!

(Here's the car loaded up with the day's bounty.)

(Here's my sister with the spread/sorting back at home.)

There is this whole class system of shoppers at the bins ... but the ones we were up against were "the pickers." These gals are out on the hunt to re-sell at vintage shops and are rude and all get-out! We spotted a couple today that weren't too much competition (bad taste ... ) but we managed to get some good finds :)




Susan said...

We MUST find these on the East Coast!!

Anonymous said...

So THIS is where you folks get all this cool stuff! I mean, I've heard of Goodwill, but never anything like this.

Meredith said...

Ah this is AWESOME.

We have Guy's Frenchys here in Nova Scotia which is pretty similar but a little more civilized, no free for alls BUT you have to know the good Frenchys to go too.

I've found so many amazing clothes at them like vintage Gunne Sax dresses with the original tags still on for 7 bucks!

Happy hunting Emily!

laura said...

Hi! I just Polyvore you!

laura said...

Hi! I just Polyvore you!

Madi said...

Where in Seattle is this?? I MUST go there!

whichgoose said...

OOOhhh... I think it's in Everett??? I know there's one in downtown, too!

Ashley said...

Is this magical place just called "Goodwill"? I'm so jealous! I have never stumpled across a pay-by-the-pound... :(