Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Craft time!!

I came across this SUPER CUTE pair of vintage shoes at the Goodwill yesterday. I LOVE THEM. They are a tiny bit small, so I was going to sell them ... but ... yuck-O! Look at those gross sole inserts!

Here's a little crafty trick to re-furbish some old shoes!


Remove the nasty inserts and set aside. Wash hands!


Trace the soles on some pretty material of your choosing. I liked this vintage tapestry material I had laying around. Maybe too much tapestry, but whatever.


Cut out around your tracings. (I like to cut off the toe area because it gives the toes a bit more room to wiggle.)

Put some glue (any sort of craft glue will work) on the top of the soles and insert your newly made inserts!

TA-DA!! Refurbished shoes!

You can also do this on new shoes if you just want some pretty material inserts :)


kim* said...

tah dah! good job! and add some cushion from the store... those old shoes are killer painful sometimes. I need to add some in mine, thanks for inspiration.

Susan said...


Imperfectly Perfect said...

love this idea :) I think I migh"steal" it to refurbish my mum's old wedding shoes that she is giving me for my wedding day :)