Thursday, September 3, 2009

Coming full circle

Super secret for you::::
Sometimes, custom orders stress me out. 
I mean, really! It's such a huge pressure to create something that someone will wear for an important day (most especially if that day is their wedding day!)
Usually, the customer has an image in their mind of what they're after, and my job is to get as close to that image as possible! I admit, I do love the challenge, but sometimes it is quite a difficult undertaking! This is why I am taking a break from custom work right now. 
I think it was starting to drain my creative "mojo," you know?

But, rest assured, I plan on getting back on the 'ole custom order wagon later this fall. 
(Like a month or so I think.)

Here is the upside of custom work though!! This was a great experience with Etsian, tschuess. Here she is with her FABULOUS hair and my bright little comb :) How cheery!

This is the best when an order can come FULL CIRCLE. From that initial contact, to a shared idea, to a product, then a photo of it in action!!

It makes me smile :)


Hanako66 said...

oooh, it is so cute!

Michelle said...

Custom orders stress me out too! EXPECTATIONS! Although I have a hard time believing anything you make would be anything less than gorgeous!