Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A blog about nothing

(the queen mum rocks a crown...)

Hey all! Sorry it's been so long since my last post! I've just had NO energy lately. Like, I've even taken to napping during the afternoon before I go to work! Also, (this is bad) I've started buying stupid starbucks coffee almost every day! (Isn't that so dirty...)

This is bad for two reasons: 

1.) It's a waste of money
2.) It is so fattening and the skim/sugar-free/no-whip drinks taste like glue!

Anyway, I am making myself blog, because it always makes me feel better when I do :)

So, let's see .... nothing really exciting has happened recently. The boy and I stayed in last weekend. We cooked salmon on the grill and made a salad using vegetables from the garden we planted together!! It was cute, trust me. :)

I've discovered that I can record little mini videos on my computer, which is exciting!! 

I plan on making a:

"how to wear a comb" video
"how I fix my hair like that" video (because a fair few people have asked! Oddly enough)
"welcome to my studio" video

Should be kind of goofy, but, whatever. People like goofy.

Wish I had some cool photos to post, but i never think to take the camera anywhere. i think I need a little "pocket-sized" one.

Well, my birthday is coming up, so trust that I will have TONS of photos and stories then :) 


Honorablyfallen said...

I for one am very excited about your videos! I have feet and feet of hair and know nothing to do with it , hope you feel better missy! -Sarahlynn

Anonymous said...

yay for videos! I am one of those odd people that wants to know how you fix your hair like that.
And yes fixing dinner on the grill with vegetables from your garden IS adorable. Feel better!

chanina said...

I thought I was the only one who didn't know how to out up my hear and wear a comb!
Salmon and home grown veggies, yum and swe-et!