Sunday, August 16, 2009

photo safari!

Went on an old-fashioned photo safari this morning. Used to do this with my dad sometimes when I was younger --  one time we "shot a deer" (you know, took a picture of it.) And I thought it was the funniest thing and told everyone I knew. 

So, today I went to Monocacy National Battlefield ( a Civil War battle) and Gambrill State Park (with the sweet overview and "Tea Room" building).


Got Burger King on the way back, and am regretting it now...BUH.... I always regret it, yet I still eat it! Why is that?

Rich is in Hawaii this week. (jerk!) So, I am being super productive today AND tomorrow (two whole days to do Etsy! wheee!!) I think Rich is worried I won't want him to come back. But I do!!!! :) :)


Girl_Industries said...
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Girl_Industries said...

Your photos are wonderful! Yay for the great outdoors!