Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dumping it out

I've been to quite a few appointments in the last week. The car dealership, couple doctors, blood work, etc. I find, when in that "waiting patiently" situation, I go straight for my purse.

I think a lot of women have a sort of "3rd arm" attachment with their purses. I carry my life around in it! I saw one women dig through her sack and produce a spoon --- like a real-life silvery spoon. She poured out a dose of cough syrup and took it. Kind of sticky and gross, but hey, whatever you gotta do.

I thought it would be fun to dump it out and show what I carry, because I always wonder what other women are toting.

Let's see, well, first off there's the water bottle. Gift from Lauren because we had some joke about water bottles. I forget it now. Useful though!

Got the cell phone and a variety of pens (I think I see an Ikea pencil, too!)

Business cards, big wallet with check book, Kleenex and a granola bar (you never know...)

New change purse from Rich (from Hawaii!) Shell pill-holder.

And the "which goose laid the golden egg?" smaller zip container with all the secret stuff! :)


In other news:

I bought this print from another dealer in my mom's antique shop. Isn't it great!

I decided to try to replicate the crown:

It's definitely still a work in progress. But look for it on Etsy in the next week or two!!! I'm also going to be listing these little gems:

I'm branching out with the butterfly coloring and styling! :)

Here's the week's worth of production.....drying and ready for photos and descriptions! It's quite a process from idea to listing to shipping. Rewarding though.

Oh! And meet my new Mac book :) Isn't he cute!! He is already getting covered in glue though. It was inevitable....


Amber said...

You have such a cute work space! And congrats on the new mac book! My laptop is covered in all kinds of crazy things. And I always have my purse with me! It's probably why my back always hurts too.

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

really beautiful headpiece..., i love your purse contents..., makes me feel like I need to check out what's in mine! Maybe I will soon!
Hope all is well...

Modern Crush said...

Awesome - my purse always seems to collect dirt. I am not sure how this comes to be, but it seems that its always dirty in there!

Yes, the new mac book is pretty sweet, and he IS cute, by the way, does he have a name yet? Wonderful new crowns <3

whichgoose said...

I will call him "Mac Daddy" hehe :)

Frances said...

I'm alwauys amazed at what I find in my purse too, especially the stuff at the botttom. Your purse contents made me gasp, when I realized you have soemthing I've been looking for on the web... your shell change purse/pill holder. Can you point me to a site where I can purchase one?