Friday, November 14, 2008

music of the night

More movie inspiration!!!! YAY! The Phantom of the Opera---good flick. Really dark and gothic. Makes me want to make little sparkly hair clips .... And wish I had really long, curly, black hair!! AH! jealous. 

I think with the winter coming (pretty much here) I'm trying to branch out (no pun intended) and get away from the natural elements of my crowns--at least until spring. It just seems more natural to use more vintage elements and things of the like...

So, big crafting day (Sunday) is only a day away! Amanda's coming over for movies and gossip and crafting....and I need supplies.

Tomorrow I have to buy/procure the following before work:

1.) Vines
2.) Headbands
3.) Clips
4.) Ingredients for dinner

PLUS! I have to go to the Post Office! I can't really complain though. If I wasn't super busy, I would be super bored :)


Anonymous said...

you are in my top blogs ^^
i really like your work
come to see me


Muse said...

Dinner was AWESOME!