Monday, November 10, 2008

just because

So I know my last post was pretty much complaining about money---but I had to buy these shoes. And now, I just have to brag a bit to you all :) They are really a dark red color--kind of wine.

It's the little things in life, I suppose.

Guess what I did last night? Made S'MORES!!! :) (yes--with the fella---ooooo ooo!!) I love fall, but I'm really dreading winter. It's already gotten really cold--tonight it's in the 20's. Yikes.

Here's to dreaming of spring...


Amber said...

Those shoes are amazing! Where did you find them?

Princess Caitlin said...

Random: I have browsed your shop thoroughly a number of times just to admire your lovely work.
I decided to read your profile this time!
Then I decided to visit your blog!
Then I decided to read like a billion pages of it (ok, so it wasn't that many.)
Then I decided I would leave a comment to tell you that I love your etsy shop, and I love your blog.

The end.
-Random Me (aka CaitiJo @ etsy)
Have a happy day!

MySweetThree said...

Those shoes are adorable...I would think they would be more expensive than they are...I am drawn to shoes with ankle straps...but fashion dictators (?) say that shorties like myself (all 5'1" of me) should stay far away from them. I need to say to hell with them..and get on with it!

Courtney said...

love your shop, love your blog and love the shoes!
I just bought some boots by Blowfish and L-O-V-E them....
Have a great day!

Danette said...

Those shoes are fabulous. Don't feel guilty, I am sure you neeeeeeeeded them.

jess said...

The shoes are very pretty