Thursday, October 4, 2012

The head piece conundrum

It seems obvious.

A no-brainer.

I spend my life making hair accessories for brides, so naturally, I would make a hair piece for my own wedding. Right?

My mom said this:

"No matter what you wear, everyone will ask, "Did you make your hair thing?" 

Would saying "No, actually," be some sort of artistic/DIY failure on my part?

Here's the thing: I've always liked the idea of a wedding veil. Are you shocked?

I don't sell them simply because I'm not that good at making them,
 and other people are better-suited for that job!


I've been playing around with some tulle yardage for the past week.
Mostly, it's gone into the trash in a fluffy heap.

I did come up with this one:

I like how it doesn't cover my face and get all annoying. But it's a bit too simple for me.

And now this one:

I like the flower detail .. and the veil is still out of the face. But it's maybe a bit bold for me.

I know there's the whole "birdcage veil" trend. But .....

I've got to be different.

What should I do? The expected crown? A vintage piece? A veil of my own making (or someone else!)

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passion4saving said...

Please, Please make your own headpeice Emily!!! You are sooooo super talented and I think your crowns & other creations are so beautiful on you! Congrats! ;-)

I LOVE your shop; check it EVERY day! :-)

whichgoose said...

Aww thanks :) It's just so different making it for yourself!

chanina said...

I had a head piece, but during the ceremony had a veil. I'm traditional!
I think you can have both if you want to. It's you're wedding ;)
Also, I don't see it as a "failure" if you wear something that you didn't make. If you see something you like I don't think anything else will live up to it (when it comes to weddings!!!)
Your stuff is gorgeous, and I'm know whatever you decide will be beautiful!!!

*Cassie * said...

This is my first post on your blog-- I am a huge fan of your work , so of course I think you should make your own head piece. However, I do think it might be nice for you to enjoy just being a bride and not having to stress yourself about creating the perfect head piece. Because let's face it, you're going to want it to be perfect. And there are so many other things to stress about when planning a wedding. I like all three choices -- is there a way to use all three as inspiration for one creation -- take what you like from each one and see what happens. Congrats! And best wishes! From one Maryland gal to another :)