Monday, October 8, 2012

Scary movies for the slightly wussy

When I was really little, my favorite movie was "King Kong" --- like, the one from the 50's with the claymation. I've always been a fan of the slightly scary flick. I got away from it in my teenage/college years where I fancied myself a brooding poet and was more into foreign dramas and period romances.

Anyway, back to my movie list. 

These are movies that ARE scary. But I think they are still good for the "slightly wussy" viewer, like myself.

I will post in order of least scariness first ... in case you need to stop ;) 

1.) "The Village" --- I KNOW!! I know. People hate this movie. Poor M. Night. He started off so strong with "The Sixth Sense," and this one was a general bomb with critics. I, for one, really liked it. I know people say the "big reveal" or "surprise" at the end is lame. But I really think it works for the movie. It's all about believing in a scary story to keep the village cut off from the world, but really the world is much more violent and terrifying than any scary story. I like it as a social commentary. And I LOVE the violin solo soundtrack. 

2.) "Psycho" --- this movie was SUCH a shocker when it first came out ...Rich told me recently is was the first movie where a woman was shown in a bathroom ... and flushing a toilet!! There's also something else that happens in the shower. This movie has so many great things going for it. The plot is amazing .. especially if you've never seen it. And since it's older and not super violent and gory, you can definitely handle it if you're not big into scary movies :) 

3.) "The Shining" --- This is another classic flick, but it's definitely a bit higher up on the scare level. I love the creepiness of this one. It's such a mental thriller .. and it really ramps up as the movie goes on. And if you've never seen it, you will get to know about such classic catchphrases as "Herrrre's Johnny!!" and "RED RUM RED RUM."  

4.) "Dawn of the Dead" --- OK. I know I have the 2004 version here. But I'm counting this entry for the original Romero version as well. I think they're both great, but I have to say that the newer one is pretty cool. I was pretty freaked out the first time I saw this, but it's really a fun scary movie ... You feel really connected to the characters and feel like you're running from zombies when they are.

5.) "28 Days Later" ---  I love the first part of this "outbreak" movie so so much. But it definitely goes down from there. But even so, this is definitely my all-time favorite scary movie. The first few scenes of the deserted London and then the first encounter with "the infected" are frightening. 

Any additions???? :) a


Meredith Blunt said...

Your post title is hilarious and I agree with many of your choices (especially The Village and 28 Days Later). I would add The Gift and The Eye to your list. Happy Hallowe'en (even if it's wussy :) )

Jennifer Heald said...

I think "Gothika" is a good entry level scary movie (watched it when I was 10 and terrified of horrors!)
28 WEEKS later is also good, but jumpy.
I am Legend is another good one.

And I actually thought that Paranormal Activity was a good moderate horror, not too scary but you wouldn't want to sleep alone for the first few nights after watching it!

Kellyn D said...

I started an annual Horror Movie Fest three years ago. It's not so much a festival but a month long celebration of scary stuff I do at home. Hah! I have a list posted on my blog of the movies I'll be watching this year! Here's a link:

chanina said...

I am Legend is a great one! We saw it in the theater, and I almost ran out screaming. Fred freaked me out!
All time favorite horror movie- The Silence of the Lambs!

melissa green said...

Finally, I’ve found a scary movie list that is perfect for me. I definitely like my heart beat to rise while watching a movie every now and then, but I also like to be able to sleep afterwards! I was so nervous when my friends from my office at DISH assigned me to pick the movies for our Halloween get-together, since I didn’t want to choose too cowardly of films. It looks like your list will be the answer to my problem! I’ll just rent a few real quick from the Blockbuster@Home service through DISH, so I can have them ready in time for the party! Thanks so much! We “slightly wussy” people got to stick together! ;)