Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Under Pressure"

I wear this shirt even when it's dirty, I love it so. ETSY SHIRT.

And really, what other job is there where I would want to wear a shirt about it?


The actual blog post is below ... I felt the need to have a photo though :)


Tax Day is looming. I finished my actual TAXES back in January. But now, as a self-employed crafter ... April 15 means ESTIMATED TAXES! Boo.

Did you know I have to pay money on sales I "plan on making" this year! Isn't that crazy. SO... the good progress I though I'd been making isn't really that great once I take this chunk out of my checkbook.

Not that I'm complaining! It's just another one of those "things" that make being your own boss not as all-the-time fun as you'd think it would be.

It's all those annoying money things that I wish I had someone to take care of ... like a boss ... but who didn't tell me what to do. Anyone want to be my free accountant?


Here's a list of some of the negatives of doing Etsy full-time.

--- When people ask what you do, you have to go into a 5-minute explanation including "No, 'Etsy' like 'Betsy.'

--- The end of the work day is only when you go to bed. (not including working on the laptop while under the covers.)

--- Some days I forget to brush my teeth in the morning (don't tell my mom.)

--- I have to pay $250 a month for health insurance.

Okay, well, this list was a lot harder to write than a thought it would be.

I guess the positives FAR outweigh any little annoyances and money woes I am experiencing.

The main thing is to keep FOCUSED. EYES ON THE PRIZE baby. :)


p.s. Rich and I have started watching the HBO series "Deadwood." Has anyone seen it?? Only seen the first two episodes so far, but it's pretty good!!


christen [good day sunshine] said...

ahhh, you're so right about the etsy job thing. i need to come up with a shorter explanation! every now and then, i'll get someone who's like.. "oh, i've heard of that!" and i get to breathe a huge sigh of relief!

whichgoose said...

hahahaa --- sometimes I just say "I sell stuff on eBay." That gets it done FAST :)

Dawn Trest said...

I am planning on doing my business full time starting this summer! I am so excited, but thanks for sharing some reality with me! :)

Ali said...

I just tell everyone "Well, I have a shop online. I make stuff and sell it." I used to try to explain the whole Etsy thing, but I finally came up with a simpler way to say it! :)

Christina Allen Page said...

OH MAN. I feel you in the WORST way. I just got my tax estimate back, and I owe owe owe. Time to get myself on a quarterly schedule of payment so hopefully this can be avoided next year. As a new-ish "quit your day job" type person, I am sort of learning the rules of being self-employed by feel. But I can definitely comisserate with the "work ends when you go to bed" sentiment-- I'm constantly checking emails for customer service or reading up about marketing and advertising-- all work!

But at least I can do it in my PJ's!

PS-- Deadwood is AWESOME. Unfortunately, watching it gives me a temporary case of Tourette's. My husband and I host occasional "Deadwood Drinking Game Nights" at our place in Pikesville. The key? Setting up air mattresses so that NOBODY is tempted to drive.