Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beating the dead Austen horse.

( Oh no ... not another blog about Jane Austen!)

I managed to curb my Anthropologie compulsion (for now) at least. Instead, I dropped $100 at the Target on a nice cotton tank-dress, black leggings, some dishwasher detergent, and a couple new bras. YAY! Much more useable and financially responsible stuff.

I'm still looking at those sandals though. Generally, I wear birkenstocks throughout the entirety of summer ... so it's probably time for a change.... sigh.

And I know this post is probably a bit of the old "kicking the dead horse of Jane Austen" ... but .... I just happened to watch the 2005 version on TV last night. I think it was on E! or something.

Anyways. I think I need to get a few clothing pieces that are regency-inspired. I ESPECIALLY love the sort of long sweat/jacket in the bottom left picture. LOVE it.

In fact, I think I need to start modeling my entire wardrobe around movie roles Keira Knightley has played. Am I spelling her name right? Whatever.

Here she is in "Edge of Love" with AWESOME Wellington boots and floral skirt..... and also with a whichgoose-inspired hair piece! Then to the right ... I think that's from "Atonement" --- another great movie.

Here's my hand at making something a bit more on the proper Austen side of things ... kind of fun, eh? :)


Moi Sanom said...

I've given you a 'Beautiful Blogger' award. It's on my blog at

Allyson said...

Do it!

I'm down in Virginia and we actually have a Regency dance group down here--they're around the country, but here in Colonial Williamsburg it's even more fun. We wear costumes too. :)

Good luck with it!