Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The good things about winter (and the blues)

One would think my life would be glamourous. It certainly has the possibility to be.

But between the rare afternoons spent sipping lattes while listing Etsy items, or the casual lunch then shopping trip ... it's mostly hard work. And STRESSFUL. (Not to mention expensive.)

Not that I'm complaining ... because ... my goodness ... I would be willing to live in just about poverty in order to continue this life.

It's the little things that make me less than happy with some days. Like health insurance ... and having to deal with 401(k) decisions, and long-term care insurance ... and estimated tax payments. GAH!!

It's like, why can't I just catch a break from the universe, you know? It would seem that's I'm allowing myself to be lead by my heart and my dreams ... and that type of leap deserves some sort of payoff, right? Maybe it just takes a while :)

SO. As I am enjoying my first latte-filled afternoon in more than a week (BLIZZARD) I am going to think of positive things about winter to cheer me up.

Feel free to add to the list:

1.) no annoying little bugs ... like gnats

2.) sweat is kept to a minimum (except when shoveling snow)

3.) the Olympics!! (some years)

4.) Natural rosy cheeks from the cold = no need for wearing blush

5.) You can see through the trees where there used to be leaves

6.) Cute accessories like scarves, mittens and hats

This is sort of like my favorite hat that I bought last winter from "ThisOlThing" on Etsy. Here is HER SHOP.


Lara Lewis said...

girlfriend, i can relate. until now i never knew the first thing about running a business, and i am still learning. it's hard work! but you're doing a great job, i love your shop!!

okay, i hate winter so this was hard, but add this to the list: seeing little bird tracks in the snow. so cute!

whichgoose said...

I hope I eventually learn! It's making me feel dumb ... speaking of which: I just read through this post and it ALMOST doesn't make sense!

I need to start reading through things more ... come on, Mom ... I need a list of errors! :)

Anonymous said...

I am encouraged by your post.. In what way you may ask well I have been feeling so discouraged about doing this whole your own business thing because of all the tax payments, no health insurance or 401k to name a few things but I see that Im not the only one. And I would look at your life and think it to be glamorous and simple and not as hard as me doing similar things in creating:) (being honest). I am encouraged that I am not alone and by your honesty. But one word of encouragement is this- live your dream, you only live once! You'd rather be wonderfully happy and not so rich monetarily than so rich monetarily but miserable because you aren't living your dream doing what you are meant to be doing.. It is much easier for anyone to take that 9-5 but where will you be happier and honestly I believe the world to be a happier place due to your creations :).. From one creator to the next keep the faith, live your dreams, and keep up the awesome work! It will only get better :) it has to! Your creations are lovely!!!