Friday, June 12, 2009

My skin now matches my hat.

So, I'm back! 

Vacation was super great---and SUPER relaxing! I was really worried that I was going to be thinking about Etsy the whole time, but I really didn't mind doing nothing for a week :)

I think it was healthy :)

I'll put up some more photos in a few days (once I get the other set from the boy). But here's a cute one! Look how red we are. I'm soooo itchy now too. I think I might start peeling soon like some sort of weird reptile....

Oh! And another exciting thingy about the trip was the seashells!! I enlisted Rich as a helper and we got a TON. I will make some authentic from-the-beach ariel crowns like this one:

You can click HERE to see it in the shop :)


Mary Rogers said...

*sigh* can I just say that I'm SO glad you are back from vacation so I can browse all of your most wonderful creations?! They are definitely a bright spot in my day!

Elly said...

Oh! That crown is so pretty :)

Heather said...

can I just say that I think this seashell crown is my favorite?
i never would have thought it since i am not a huge seashell fan but you work miracles!

Courtney said...

That crown is lovely!

I got super burnt on our vacation recently and I'm currently going through the peel's sick.


lovely crown, I love your creativity and you look gorgeous with the hat! :-)