Friday, June 19, 2009

Kill your T.V.

REMINDER!!! Comb sale continues through the end of the month!! Plus, if you follow my blog, you get free shipping (Check out the post after this one for details) ---:)


Want to buy my stuff?


The time has come (too soon again) for me to move. Actually, I've got about a month and a half...but that seems like all too short a time to find a new place, pack up my world and move it there.


I wish I had a home :(

So--My latest obsession is getting rid of "STUFF" --- you know, those drawers or random crap like paperclips and movie stubs....a half-full bottle of nail polish that is chunky ...


The more valuable items, I'm giving away or trying to sell on Etsy (check out my new vintage goodies section!)

Anyway, here's my latest "THING."

It's an old TV that I bought and decided I wanted to make a fishtank out of. (DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!) Apparently, there are still dangerous things inside an old TV that can kill you. SO--I had a professional Mr. Fix It (Skip, a photog from work) fix it up for me!

He did it for the price of a 6-pack of Becks.  Yay!

So, my good intentions for this idea have been lost, and now it's just sitting around my apartment! 

Should I sell it? Do you think someone would buy it? I think it would be pretty expensive to ship...but I don't know ....


Kara Witham said...

Try selling it on Etsy.

Join in and "dish." ...I came upon you by way of clicking "Etsy" as interest.

Tell us ~ Which EtsyCreator steals your HEART...

Have a lovely day,

Hanako66 said...

that is such a cool idea....I say keep it and put in some fishys!

Elly said...

Oh! That's a really brilliant idea! It'd look so awesome with fish in it :)

eatglitterglue said...

Depending on how much it would cost, I would buy it to use for an art project :D

anna said...

I heart old TVs. They were so much prettier.

I almost just won one on ebay. I say keep it too and turn it into a flower pot! Or a herb garden.

P.S. Just found you through etsy. I really need you to start making custom designs again!!

jess said...

Oooh those fish tank tv are really cool. I didn't know you could do it your self,I just assumed they were plastic ones you bought.

If you move out of md you should definatly go to gilligan's before you leave.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

That's awesome. I bet someone would buy it. Just ask them to pay for shipping?