Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celebrating a SHORT work week :)

Oh happy day!

Today is my Monday! (Usually, it's my Tuesday...even though it's Wednesday) But that just means that I have a 4-day work week!! :) Hooray!

Yesterday was a teeth cleaning down in Montgomery I took a sick day to allot for travel times :) It was nice though. Got a LOT of etsy done, and am feeling a bit more relaxed heading into the week.

So, to celebrate, here is my breakfast!

Blueberry-topped waffles with maple syrup. I think the meal ending up costing around $20....10 for the syrup **real maple syrup, and the berries ** organic. And the waffles were by Kashi--so they were around 3 I think.

Ah well. Living a little, eh?

And guess what happens next week!?!?!?!? Amanda, Ella and Max are coming for a visit!! (my sister and family) YAYAYAYAY!!!

Here is her blog where you can see my super-cute niece in action on Easter! 

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