Friday, April 3, 2009

blossoms and birthdays

My heaven would most certainly include pink cherry blossoms of every kind. Especially ones that rain down toward the beginning of summer. Some day last weekend I smelled the first sign of them--kind of a sweet and musky pollen scent.

Ah.... Good weather is coming.

This weekend is Rich's birthday! So I'm in celebration mode. I have SO much to do and pick up before I head over there tomorrow.

Cake ingredients.
Picnic ingredients.
Wrap stuff.
Make card.

The list goes on! It's a bit stressful since this is the first birthday out of the two of us since our relationship started. So it's all on me to make it a good one that he will have to "live up to" come September!! ehehe :) I know he just wants to see me though, so that is nice :) :) :)


getpalmd said...

I could share the heaven with you, because I'm a fan of those too!

Courtney said...

Our neighbors have a cherry blossom tree....I am green with envy!

Good luck with the birthday celebration!

She Can't Decide said...

such a beautiful post!!

Only Girl In The World! said...

You have posted the cherry blossom picture on google images... or so I think!

Anyway, it's now my background!!!
It's sooo nice!!!

Awww L.O.L!

Only Girl In The World! said...

Myheaven is also cherry obsessed with them!
As you might of guessed.

Here is the picture that I was talkig about later:,r:6,s:0

If youwant to putit into your search bar!!! Or maybe not!

Byee x