Friday, March 6, 2009


Oh me oh my.

Today was in the 60-degree range. Ah. While I was standing outside my workplace, staring at the heavy metal door, I stopped to take 3 really deep breaths of the warm air.


SO--in celebration, I bought this new skirt from allencompanyinc:

And, I made some little mini clips :) (flowers, like spring, get it!!)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! I will be cooped up at work on Saturday, then finishing up my taxes at mom and dad's on Sunday. But maybe we will have lunch out on the deck or something.. yay for good weather.

Isn't it crazy how it can make your day so much better?


Elly said...

Oh! That skirt is really cute! Go you :)

Hanako66 said...

That skirt is adorable!